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  • What are 'Sales Leads'?

  • Leads are information you have about any future purchase. For example: Your office is moving to a new location, you may know that there is a need for furniture purchasing or you may know a company looking to hire an IT company for computer maintenance. Sales Leads can be any information on everyday needs and services for your family, home, business or through a network of friends and colleagues. The leads can be about new or used cars, home appliances, home hardware, computer items, and services like life insurance, will or travel arrangements.

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  • How do I get leads?

  • This information is available all around you, from family and friends, business colleagues and more. For example: I know of a friend who's looking to buy a used truck for his snow removal business. He's looking for a Pick-up Truck and would spend up to $20,000. Guess what? You can get paid for this information. It's that simple.

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  • What is the difference between Sales prospects and leads?

  • Sales Prospects is a search engine to find the most-recently funded companies. These companies represent over $10 Trillion in capital. This section of the site is useful if you are inquiring to sell a service or product to a recently funded company in your industry.
    Sales Leads are government bids and tenders, where you can post and purchase products or services in over 20 industries.

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