Laredo, Texas, United States Information And Events

Laredo Texas, United States Information And Events
Location: Texas, United States
Official Website:
Coordinates: 27.5244° N, 99.4906° W

Laredo Fun Facts

There were about 23,766 mortgages in Laredo in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The laredo was designed by Leo M J.

Laredo is served by two school districts, the Laredo Independent School District and the United Independent School District, as well as eight private schools.

Laredo's official website is

The laredo is utilized for United Independent School District's students.

The laredo was built in 1937, along with Martin High School.

There were 46,908 households in Laredo in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Laredo's geo-coordinates are 27.5244° N, 99.4906° W.

The laredo was opened in the summer of 2002 and it contains the city's first artificial grass stadium.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Laredo:

  • Alfonso Gomez-Rejon ( Film Director, Actor, Film Producer and Television Director )
  • Clark Moore ( Actor )
  • Peggy Webber ( Actor )
  • Pete Astudillo ( Songwriter and Actor )
  • Ezequiel D. Salinas ( Judge, Politician and Lawyer )
  • Billy Hall ( Journalist, Politician and Banker )
  • Oscar M. Laurel ( Lawyer, Politician and Banker )
  • Fernando Lara ( Actor )
  • Jimmy James ( Singer-songwriter, Actor and Drag queen )
  • Victoria Luna ( Actor )
  • Rogelio T. Ramos ( Actor and Broadcaster )
  • Poncho Sanchez ( Musician, Record producer, Composer and Music Arranger )
  • José Silva ( Writer )
  • Danny Valdez ( Politician and Judge )
  • Oscar J. Zuniga ( Engineer, Businessperson, Sailor, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical engineer )
  • Tony Dalton ( Presenter and Actor )
  • Tony Sanchez ( Politician, Businessperson and Banker )
  • Henry Cuellar ( Lawyer and Politician )
  • Tom DeLay ( Politician and Entrepreneur )
  • Federico Peña ( Politician )
  • David B. Barkley
  • Santos Benavides
  • Judith Zaffirini
  • Thomas C. Mann
  • Orlando Canizales ( Professional Boxer )
  • Joe Rubio, Jr. ( Lawyer )
  • Elizabeth Sorrell ( Journalist )
  • Julio A. Garcia ( Lawyer )
  • George P. Kazen ( Judge and Lawyer )
  • Megan Frazee
  • Edgar Valdez Villarreal
  • Clementina Díaz y de Ovando
  • Blackjack Lanza ( Wrestler )
  • Jacob G. Hornberger ( Political Scientist )
  • Alex Andrade
  • Tom DeLay campaign finance trial
  • Jovita Idár
  • Joe A. Guerra
  • César Martínez
  • Quico Canseco ( Real estate development and Lawyer )
  • Freddie Benavides ( Baseball player )
  • Albert Huffstickler
  • John P. Wheeler III
  • Ana Rodriguez
  • Alicia Dickerson Montemayor ( Activist )
  • Kaleb Canales
  • Abraham Kazen ( Lawyer )
  • Francisco G. Cigarroa ( Physician )
  • Gustavo C. Garcia ( Lawyer )
  • Sara Tucker

The unemployment rate of Laredo was 5.44% in the year 2008.

The laredo is owned by Ernest Health Inc.

Sample list of famous events happened in Laredo:

  • Battle of Laredo

In 2014, Laredo was, according to the financial research company NerdWallet, the worst-paying city for women in the United States, with an average annual salary of $24,700, compared to nearly $35,000 for men.

Population of Laredo was 241,935 in the year 2011.

In 1993, the citizens of Laredo approved the construction of a new main library, which opened its doors on February 1, 1998.

Laredo is about 233.12 square kilometers with a population of 241,935 in the year 2011.

The Laredo Country Club is an 18-hole private course that features 7,125 yards (6,515 m) of golf.

There were about 1,517 foreclosures in Laredo in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Sample list of people who were the mayor of Laredo:

  • Raul G. Salinas ( Current Mayor, from 17 Jun 2002 )

Census, the racial composition of Laredo was as follows:.

List of airports near Laredo:

  • Laredo International Airport

The origin of name of the original Spanish town of Laredo is unclear.

The first station to broadcast in Laredo was KGNS in 1956, followed by KVTV in 1973, then KJTB (now KLDO) in 1985.

Laredo has increased the number of non-agricultural jobs from 55,100 in January 1996 to 86,600 in October 2007.

As a result of Laredo's location in North America, Interstate Highway 35 / Mexican Federal Highway 85, the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), dozens of twin assembly plants, and dozens of import export agencies to expedite trade, Laredo is the largest inland port in the United States, and Nuevo Laredo the largest in Latin America.

Laredo is located on the west end of the Rio Grande Plains, south of the Edwards Plateau, west of the Coastal Plains, and east of the Mexican Mountains.

Villa de San Agustin de Laredo was founded in 1755 by Don Tomás Sánchez while the area was part of the Nuevo Santander region in the Spanish colony of New Spain.

Sample list of newspapers published in Laredo:

  • Laredo Morning Times
  • The Magnet Tribune

There were 62,185 addresses in Laredo in the year 2008 according to data from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Laredo is located in Laredo–Nuevo Laredo, Webb County, Texas.

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