Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria Information And Events

Chiprovtsi Bulgaria Information And Events
Location: Bulgaria
Official Website:
Coordinates: 43.3833° N, 22.8833° E

Chiprovtsi Fun Facts

Chiprovtsi is thought to have been founded in the Late Middle Ages as a mining and metalsmithing centre.

Chiprovtsi is in the Eastern European Time Zone.

A town of about 2,000 inhabitants, Chiprovtsi is the administrative centre of a municipality that also covers nine nearby villages.

Chiprovtsi is located in Bulgaria.

Sample list of famous people who were born in Chiprovtsi:

  • Kamelia ( Singer )
  • Petar Parchevich ( Scholar, Diplomat and Nuncio )

Chiprovtsi's official website is

The chiprovtsi is 35 kilometres (22 mi) long and features several peaks around 2,000 metres (6,600 ft), including Midzhur (2,168 m or 7,113 ft), Martinova Chuka (2,011 m or 6,598 ft), Golyama Chuka (1,967 m or 6,453 ft), Kopren (1,964 m or 6,444 ft), Tri Chuki (1,938 m or 6,358 ft) and Vrazha Glava (1,936 m or 6,352 ft).

The leaders of Chiprovtsi assessed that after the imminent capture of Belgrade by the League in 1688 their European allies would reach Sofia and end the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria.

Population of Chiprovtsi was 2,458.

Chiprovtsi's geo-coordinates are 43.3833° N, 22.8833° E.

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