VIP Sales Outsourcing

Innovative organizations have outsourced payroll, human resources, and other essential business processes to allow them to focus on their core competencies. This achieves higher productivity and realizes significant cost savings. Sales outsourcing does all this - all while helping you increase top line revenues!

At Sales Spider, we have the depth of experience necessary to give your sales efforts direction and support, giving you a comprehensive plan to increase sales and revenue. Sales Spider will build you a plan and either execute it independently, as your outsourced professional sales organization, or work in tandem with your own sales force.

Sales Spider Offers comprehensive Sales Outsourcing as a premium level service to a select group of customers.

The VIP Service can include any and potentially all of the below sales services:
  • Field Sales Outsourcing
  • Inside Sales & Telesales Outsourcing
  • Sales Appointment Setting
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • List Procurement
In our Premium VIP Service plan, Sales Spider will take the responsibility of recruiting and managing Sales Agents and/or Sales Representatives on behalf of a client and provide any of the above noted services.

Sales Spider provides a Sales Manager who manages the entire sales cycle — from building the sales team, managing lead generation and prospect follow up by field sales representatives to closing purchase orders and contracts. We ask that clients provide technical and pre-sales support for our Sales Manager and for your field sales representatives or sales agents when they are presenting solutions to prospects.

Enquire about a custom VIP Sales Outsourcing program now!

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Benefits of the Sales Spider VIP Sales Outsourcing Plan

 1. Sales Coverage - Sales Spider’s sales network of thousands of Field Sales Representatives covers North America. Within weeks of engagement, your product or service will be represented from coast to coast by experienced sales representatives.

 2. Targeting New Geographies or Industry Verticals – Sales Spider can give your business a jump-start by launching a sales campaign at untapped industry verticals or underrepresented geographies.

 3. Speed to Market – Eliminate the delays in recruiting and hiring sales staff. Our sales coverage is established.

 4. Contacts - Our sales representatives have local contacts, which fit your target customer description. Eliminate the access barrier to reach customers, and walk in with a pre-established relationship.

 5. Inside Sales and Qualified Leads – Our Inside Sales Representatives are motivated to build your sales pipeline and generate qualified leads for our sales representatives. Our Inside Sales Representatives are experienced in using marketing campaigns to identify leads and then qualify them. In some cases these prospects are closed by the Inside Sales Representatives and in other cases they work hand in hand with our sales representatives and you to close deals.

 6. Lead Generation & Appointment Setting – While our Field Reps are busy making face-to-face sales calls on your behalf, Sales Spider pursues an active on-going lead generation and appointment setting process.

 7. Focus - Outsourcing Sales to Sales Spider allows your organization to focus on its own core competencies.

 8. Flexibility – We can work with your current sales team to provide nationwide and/or targeted geographic and vertical sales coverage. If you have a couple of strong account representatives for your larger clients, we can cover the customers that slip through the cracks. We can even provide direct sales representatives full-time on your behalf if you believe a territory or vertical warrants the expenditure.

 9. Save Money – Compare the cost of generating leads, recruiting inside sales representatives and outside sales representatives directly versus outsourcing with Sales Spider. Outsourcing sales takes you to the customer faster and is much less expensive than going direct.

Enquire about a custom VIP Sales Outsourcing program now!

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